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Tim Woitinek ist doppelt zertifizierter Business-Trainer, Verkaufsprofi, erfahrene Führungskraft und Executive Recruiter.

Tim unterstützt Salesteams, Recruitingunternehmen und Gründer dabei, die Verkaufs- und Abschlussquoten zu steigern, Vertriebsstrategien aufzustellen oder zu optimieren und den Teamspirit nachhaltig zu verbessern.

Als Entrepreneur, erfolgreicher Immobilienunternehmer und ehemaliger Geschäftsführer von zwei international agierenden Personalberatungen weiß Tim, wie Mitarbeiter zu Höchstleistungen geführt und motiviert werden.

In den letzten 10 Jahren erzielte Tim Woitinek mit verschiedenen Unternehmen in unterschiedlichen Branchen einen Umsatz von mehreren Millionen Euro.
Aktuell baut er die Vertriebsabteilung einer führenden, schnell wachsenden Berliner PR Agentur als Head of Sales auf und aus. 










Der Trainingsansatz

Sie suchen nach einem authentischen Trainer, der fundiertes Vertriebs- und Recruiting-Know-How aus mehreren sehr erfolgreichen Jahren echter Berufs- und Führungserfahrung mitbringt? Dann sind Sie bei Tim Woitinek genau richtig.

Jedes Training wird mit Blick auf Ihren Bedarf und Ihre Ziele unter Berücksichtigung Ihrer aktuellen Situation maßgeschneidert.

Im Mittelpunkt des Trainings stehen Salesteams, Recruitingunternehmen, Startups und Gründer.

Die Kernthemen:

die angebotE


Workshops, Seminare, 1-on-1's und Training on the Job

  • Salesprozesse verstehen
  • Workflows entwickeln
  • Leitfäden erarbeiten/optimieren
  • Fragetechniken nutzen
  • Aktives Zuhören anwenden
  • Cold Calling meistern
  • Kundenbindung aufbauen
  • Vor- und Einwandbehandlung anwenden
  • Positives Mindset entwickeln
  • Eigenmotivation, Disziplin und Resilienz entwickeln
  • Transfersicherung in 1-on-1's
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FÜR Recruiter

Workshops, Seminare, 1-on-1's und Training on the Job

  • Routinen und Standards entwickeln
  • Active Sourcing optimieren
  • Kandidatenanschreiben optimieren
  • Recruitingprozesse verstehen
  • Vermittlungsquote steigern
  • Langfristige Kundenbeziehungen aufbauen
  • Fragetechniken nutzen
  • Aktives Zuhören anwenden
  • Gesprächstechniken verinnerlichen
  • Eigenmotivation, Disziplin und Resilienz entwickeln
  • Transfersicherung in 1-on-1's
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FÜR Gründer

Business Development und Mentoring

  • Sales- und Recruitingabteilungen aufbauen
  • Standards setzen
  • Leitfäden erstellen
  • Onboardingstrukturen einführen
  • Meetingkultur entwickeln
  • OKR/KPI erstellen
  • Leadkanäle identifizieren
  • Recruitingstrategie entwickeln
  • Wachstumsstrategie entwickeln
  • Automatisierungen implementieren
  • Incentivierung der Mitarbeiter erarbeiten
  • Sparringspartner und Mentoring
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Die Referenzen

Sandro Phan
Sandro Phan
Senior Recruiter Tech & Data at FlixBus
Working together with Tim in a vital chapter of the skill-fisher growth was a great experience.
His remarkably quick adaptability to the niche environment and business of skill-fisher emphasize his experience and strong knowledge in HR as well as in sales and leadership.
Tims ambitious drive brings out the best not only from himself but also his colleagues/attendees.
Working with Tim has been a true inspiration for me.
Michael Gorecki
Michael Gorecki
Senior Recruitment Business Partner Europe at GEA Group
After almost one year of working with Tim Woitinek, I can absolutely confirm the previous recommendations.​

I've learned a lot from the positive way of motivating and leading employees through the combination of trust & target driven execution. Although I was quite experienced in sales and recruiting before I started at skill-fisher, I was able to learn a lot in the last year, which brings me further in my private and professional life. I can highly recommend anyone to work with a great leader & coach like Tim.
Julia Neuer
Julia Neuer
Senior Digital Talent Consultant & People Associate at Tourlane
I experienced Tim as a very skilled and mindful leader and an exceptional sales expert.
Furthermore he had a marvelous way of motivating co-workers as well as clients and candidates. In the short period of time we were working together I got to know him as a "leader by example".
Moritz Kratzer
Moritz Kratzer
CEO / Founder at CING
Tims expertise impressed me from the very beginning and I am extremely grateful that he stands by my side as a mentor and coach!

Before he helped me with the foundation and development of my company, I worked for him in sales. On the one hand, working with him was a lot of fun due to his funny and charming manner, on the other hand I learned so much about sales and communication in such a short time, although I already had sales experience.

Tim has the ability to convey knowledge to the point and to express criticism without feeling offended. He manages to motivate the people around him and makes them believe in themselves.
Clemens Kühn
Clemens Kühn
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner bei Siemens & former Manager of Talent International Germany
Tim is a great senior level recruiter/recruitment manager who finds the best talents in the tech and digital industries across Europe.
He has really good communication skills and is willing to give more than 100 percent to fill the positions which you offer him.
Johanna Eckart
Johanna Eckart
Senior Talent Recruiter at ultimate.ai & Workshop Host for Female Entrepreneurs
Tim Woitinek is part of next generation trainers and managers willing to set the right framework, step back and watch his team flourish.
He listens, supports and offers effective tools and advice for self-empowerment.
As my former CEO he supported my personal growth far beyond the 9-5 schedule and put people at the center of his leadership style instead of seeing them just as KPIs or numbers. Needless to say he is very smart with numbers and an excellent entrepreneur. This perfect combination made our company very successful and a great place to work at.
Charlotte Marxen
Charlotte Marxen
Digital Consultant at RCKT
Always when I talk about Tim I start his characterization with:
"Well, Tim could probably sell whatever he wants to whomever he wants. Not only, because he is an impressive sales and business man, but especially because he believes in what he is doing."

When Tim does something, he always does it with a purpose and vision in which he strongly trusts. This you can also see in the way he is leading and trusting his team - which he does with strong values and wonderfully contemporary approaches.
Laurin Nasedy
Laurin Nasedy
PR Consultant at BETTERTRUST
Tim was a great mentor for me in terms of leadership and sales.

I am especially grateful for what I learned in the field of sales and team motivation. His charismatic approach to his employees and customers showed me how top performance can be achieved and maintained.
Thanks to Tim, I have seen what's possible and how I can use the right communication and rhetoric in sales to argue and negotiate at eye level with every client.
Bernhard Jackiewicz
Bernhard Jackiewicz
CEO at Techport & former Teamlead at PERM4
Tim immediately attracted massive positive attention at PERM4.

There was no other consultant who won so many clients/partners to work with him from day one. He became something like the point of first contact for new (and even more experienced) colleagues when it came to optimizing conversion rates, sales tactics and negotiation issues.
If you need effective support in optimizing your sales, your conversion or your team motivation & leadership style I can highly recommend working together with Tim. ​

Gemeinsam erfolgreich.


Tim Woitinek Trainer

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